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Why is telephone prospecting crucial?

Telephone prospecting is a simple, fast and effective way to 'get a feel' for your lead, showcase your products, services and value added and secure a meeting quickly.

Beyond other contact information, e-mail addresses, financial data and so on, filling in your database with targeted phone numbers, especially the numbers for company executives, allows you to be even more effective in your prospecting.

Unfortunately, it is often very complicated for sales reps to find information about their target businesses.

How can you find the phone numbers that matter?

The Kompass business directory lists over 5 million companies around the world, including millions of SMEs. In particular, you get access to 6 million numbers, many of which are for senior managers. These numbers are all advantages in optimising your sales actions, e-mail campaigns and direct marketing initiatives.

You will find also critical data in the Kompass business directory to enrich your lead list. And, just like the telephone numbers, all these data are constantly updated by our expert staff.

Build your prospecting file
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