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Find a company's turnover
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Why is a company's turnover important to your prospecting campaigns?

Company turnover, or company TO, enables you to segment your product and service offers based on how the business fits into your market. A company's turnover is a valuable indication of a business's overall performance... even if you still have to consult other financial information to get an idea of its financial health.

However, company turnover is a prime indicator to optimise your business proposals.

How can you find a company's turnover?

EasyBusiness gives you access to all the information contained in the Kompass database. This includes, in particular, the turnover figures for 5 million companies around the world.

You can then use these data and the other information in the EasyBusiness offer to optimise the impact of your commercial actions, e-mail campaigns and direct marketing initiatives.

Find a company's turnover
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